September 22, 1998
Moonshine Music
Electronica, Club/Dance, Jungle/Drum'n'bass

Album Review

The first volume in the Takeover Bid series (manned by Mickey Finn on round two) includes an unsurprising clutch of tracks by Aphrodite himself ("Underworld," "Wikki Wikki Plate," "Rising Quince," "Bomber Style"), though none are major anthems. The other selections -- by Click 'N Cycle, DJ Tee Bee, even a remix of a Prodigy track -- aren't stellar, King's mixing saves the day and makes Takeover Bid: Round One a solid jump-up album.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Underworld
  2. Wikki Wikki Plate
  3. The Bee
  4. Turnteebeelized
  5. Prohibited
  6. As We Always Do
  7. Rinsing Quince
  8. The Bomber Style
  9. Groove On [DJ Phantasy Re-edit][Mix]
  10. The Hard Way
  11. Funky Shit [Mulder Exclusive Mix]
  12. Fallen Angel [Aphrodite Mix]
  13. Come to Me